the {joy} of love : days 14-16

Ok. So i’m getting behind. Sue me. :) I’m going to combine three posts into one, so bear with me!

Day 14 : Wedding Ring (for valentines day)
I love the scale between their hands. Hard to believe that someday my little dude’s hand will look like that, instead of the chubby little one it is now.

Day 15 : Mirror
The topic for this day was to take a photo with my loved one in the mirror. So. Holding a squirmy baby in one hand and a giant heavy camera in another and trying to get a picture that isn’t of the door or everythign else in the room proved trickier than I anticipated. :) And the fact that baby boy was screaming “DOWN!” and trying to squirm out of my arms did not help.


Day 16 : Self Portrait Together

So this one was a little easier because all i had to do was set up the tripod and let jack push the buttons on the remote. He loved it! Anytime he can push buttons he’s a happy kid. Not sure why i never thought to do a family portrait with him this way before. I could have put a normal outfit on him, but i just LOVE the socks and diaper. ha! Its so him.



the {joy} of love day 12 : routines

It’s safe to say that at 17 months, our entire life is a routine. Little ones like this need routine, or your life will be a living hell. Every morning starts with jack’s breakfast. My little man loves to eat. We have been working on using our fork and spoon, and he loves to practice. He will sit there for 5 minutes trying to stab a piece of rice with his fork. ha! And breakfast usually ends with him throwing all remaining food on the floor and screaming “ALL DONE!! ALL DONE!” :)

Routines1_wm.jpgRoutines5_wm.jpg Routines3_wm.jpg Routines6_wm.jpg Routines4_wm.jpg

the {joy} of love day 11 : the eyes

Oh, i thought this topic would be so easy. Capture a photo of my son’s beautiful sweet eyes. Sounds simple enough, right? All I needed was 1/125th of a second but somehow he couldn’t even sit still for that long. ha! After about 30 minutes of chasing him around with my camera I gave up and just hoped i had something in focus. :) I love my son’s eyes. They are so happy and innocent and sweet.

TheEyes4_wm.jpg TheEyes1_wm.jpg TheEyes3_WM.jpg

the {joy} of love day 10 : dreams

So the topic for today is dreams. Considering that my little man is 17 months old and I couldn’t imagine what sort of hopes and dreams he could have at this age (aside from an endless supply of cookies), I started thinking about my own dreams for my little dude. Of course the usual things came to mind… a happy, loving childhood, good in school, a caring respectful boy, college, you know… the typical wonderful things moms hope for their kids. But as he was playing in his room today while I was hanging up laundry, I looked over and saw this:


And then it hit me.

I DREAM of the day that we will be diaper free!! Jack loves his potty and knows what it’s called, and every time he talks about it I tell him what a potty is for. So far he just likes to use it as a chair, though. :) Hey. A mom can dream.

the {joy} of love day 9 : their space

ahhhh day 9. you seemed like such a simple topic. “oh!” i thought to myself naively, “their space?! thats great! i’ll get a photo of Jack in his crib, remnicient of this photo when he was 7 months old!” Well, I got home late from work. By the time i got my camera out, it was already time for him to go to bed. One shot, folks. thats all I got here. No time to test my lighting, make sure it was properly composed… nada. And as you can see, he was THRILLED with the idea.


eh. you win some, you lose some.

the {joy} of love day 8 : from the heart

Today’s topic was tricky. Not because of the topic, but because little dude was NOT feeling the camera this evening. Despite all that, it doesn’t get much more from the heart than this. :)

the {joy} of love day 6 : who they love

Day 6! Topic of the day is Who They Love. Recently Jack has fallen head over heels in love with….

Elmo! He points him out on EVERYTHING. Elmo on his toothbrush. Elmo on the dvd cover. The Elmo book he insists on reading everytime he gets his diaper changed - “Where Nehmo?!” So, naturally being the amazing parents that we are, Kris and I decided to buy him his own stuffed elmo doll. he is SO cute with it. he will give it hugs and pat its back, give it kisses…its adorable.

…Now, if only I could get him to be as affectionate with the poor dog that he loves to chase and hit and torment all day long. Maybe someday, Lucy. But for now, Elmo is #1.

the {joy} of love day 5 : love to hate

Today’s topic is all about what you love to hate. Something that just drives you absolutely nuts, but your day just wouldn’t be the same without it. I had a hard time finding something that i hate (i mean, how can you hate *anything* about that sweet face??), but I could definitely think of a few things that drive me crazy. (hey. i’m human.) :) 

So. my son has this obsession with Lady Gaga. yes, you heard me correctly. my 17 month old son is obsessed with Lady Gaga. Any time he sees an iphone or a computer his little face lights up and he says “LA-EE GA GA! LA-EE GA GA!!” Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with her. I dig her music. But you guys, when it’s all your son will let you listen to in the car without pitching a fit… you get where i’m going with this. Let me walk you through how this goes…

Me: “Oh, I think i’ll check my email, let me open up the computer cabinet!”
Jack: “LA-EE GA GA! LA-EE GA GA!!”
Me: “Ok, ok. we’ll listen to some lady gaga..

ladygaga_wm_.jpg(umm….sorry you have to see the cluttered desk. this cabinet serves as a home for my computer as well as a place to pile any random crap in our house. ANYWAY…)

Much squealing and clapping ensues, followed by some pretty sweet dance moves…

(…30 minutes later…)

Me: “alright, that’s enough lady gaga for now! say bye bye gaga!”
Jack: “No wayyyy! no wayyyy!”
Me: “Yes, she has to go bye bye for now!”

 So i shut the music off, which results in lots of this:



the {joy} of love day 4 : what they wear

today’s Joy of Love topic is what they wear. Currently my stylish little dude is wearing…

his super cool converse one star shoes (or “SEUSSS!!” as he calls them)…


his classic rock t-shirt that is almost too small and tight, and leaves a little baby belly hanging out the bottom sometimes…


his too-big blue jeans with the diaper (or “DIIIIPEYYY!!”) hanging out the back…


his furry lined coat. (definitely wearing that one a LOT lately!)

and lastly…if you look closely in this pic, you will see a faded blue stamp on his belly above his belly button. he gets stamps every day at the sitters house, usually relating to some holiday or season. I believe this one was a snowman, once upon a time. he LOVES his stamps. he got wooden blocks for christmas, and he started pressing them into his belly because he thought they were wooden stamps like at the sitters house. :)

(sorry for the weird shadow in this photo… he was dancing pretty hard core to the Wheel of Fortune theme music (his favorite show), so i was trying to get a pretty seriously moving target. Gotta love the Wheel!)


the {joy} of love day 3 : then & now

I was super excited about today’s topic, because I love comparing photos of my little guy when he was brand new compared to now. I can’t believe how fast he changes, how much he learns every day. It’s amazing to watch. So here are a couple comparisons of Jack then & now… it’s so crazy to look back and remember a time when he couldn’t move. ha.



and… this one doesn’t have a comparison… I just thought it was cute. :) See ya next time!



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