one month.

my sweet girl turned one month old over the weekend. Can’t believe how fast that went. Can we just slow it all down a bit please?



This post is long overdue, but on October 3rd after a long, grueling one hour labor (hehe), Olivia Lee was born at 8:41 in the morning at 7lbs 7oz and 20.25” long. This beautiful baby girl has been such a wonderful addition to our lives. Can’t wait to watch her grow up. Love you more than you know, sweet Liv.

Here is a collection of all of the monthly shots I took throughout my pregnancy with Liv starting at 8 weeks, as well as her first newborn photos!


baby Al

My coworker came back from maternity leave this past week, and I got to go spend some time with them over the weekend and snap some photos of baby Allison, who I can’t believe is already almost 3 months old! She was such a ham for the camera, she loved it! Until the end, when she was just ready to take a nap. Can you blame her though? It’s tough work being a model!

AlMicka_Sneak_081712_1.jpg AlMicka_Sneak_081712_2.jpg AlMicka_Sneak_081712_3.jpg

32 weeks.

Yours truly at 32 weeks… just 8 weeks to go. Not going to lie, that feels like an eternity. So ready to meet my baby gir!


sgt. zachary fisher.

Two years ago my cousin Zack made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country in Afghanistan. When my aunt and uncle approached me asking if i would paint a portrait of him in his memory, i was extremely honored. They wanted him to appear in his army fatigues with his beloved maroon beret, but i know that even more than those details, they wanted his vibrant personality captured. I cannot even begin to imagine what they have endured these past years, but I hope when they look at this painting, it brings them even the smallest comfort.


For anyone curious, here is the original photo they asked me to paint:



This session was so much fun for me for a lot of reasons. One, Lynette and I have been pals since the third grade, so I was super excited to be able to photograph her first pregnancy. Two, she lives in the middle of the country so I knew I’d have tons of great scenery. Most of these were taken right in her front yard. Three, she is the CUTEST pregnant woman ever. Don’t worry ladies, I told her several times how much I loathed her for that fact. ;) She was a trooper and up for just about anything (laying on the ground, standing in overgrown grass, dealing with 100+ degree temperatures, bugs, agreeing to my request of posing in a bikini…while pregnant. etc). We had a great time, and I can’t wait to meet her little guy!

Upload from July 04, 2012 Upload from July 04, 2012

seventeen weeks

Now that i’m starting to get a real bump, i figured it was time for a real session. So here baby #2 and myself are at 17 weeks! Just a *few* weeks shy of halfway and there is lots of exciting stuff to come—we find out the gender in 12 days and can’t wait! (even though we are like 150% sure it’s going to be another boy). ;)

Upload from April 28, 2012

Upload from April 28, 2012

davis family

Only this mom and I could throw together a last minute impromptu photoshoot with a family of seven and have it actually work out! I love photographing them, there is *definitely* no shortage of entertainment during our shoots. If I remember correctly, at one point I was photographing one of the kids, while three others were standing on a bench right beside me singing and performing a perfectly choreographed dance number. :) Loving all the pretty fall colors here and all that golden fall light…savoring the last few bits of it before we settle into our 5 thousand months of winter.

Upload from November 24, 2011

Upload from November 24, 2011 Upload from November 24, 2011 Upload from November 24, 2011

quinn & evy.

Ok, i don’t know if it really counts as a sneak peek if its almost all of the photos from the session, but i just couldn’t narrow it down to only post a few because I love them all too much! I’ve known this family for quite awhile, I worked with dad for a long time, so this photoshoot was extra fun for me. Plus, we are all *pretty* sure that Quinn (with the pigtails) is going to marry my son Jack. Like 90% sure. They just don’t know it yet.

Upload from November 06, 2011 Upload from November 06, 2011 Upload from November 06, 2011 Upload from November 06, 2011

isaac & audrey

Remember this post? Feels like just yesterday doesn’t it? I couldn’t believe it when her mom contacted me to do 8 month photos! Time goes by so quickly, and tiny newborn Audrey isn’t so little anymore! This is the 3rd time i have done photos for this lovely family, and they were just as much fun to photograph this time around as ever. Here are a few shots from our session, hope you enjoy!

 Upload from November 03, 2011 Upload from November 03, 2011 Upload from November 03, 2011


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