the {joy} of love : days 19 & 20

days 19 & 20! hard to believe the challenge is almost over! i absolutely loved the topics for these two days. i love capturing the details of my little guy. things change so fast, its easy to forget how they once were.

day 19 : the hands
these are some busy little hands, right here. there is so much to explore when you are 18 months old, don’t you know? i could just take a bite out of those chubby little fingers!


here is jack’s version of “itsy bitsy spider” :)TheHands4wm.jpg TheHands5wm.jpg

day 20 : a portrait
so this topic isn’t anything crazy that i haven’t posted on here before, but, hey. any opportunity to capture my sweet little man’s portrait is a-ok with me. though you would be surprised how tricky it is to actually get him to look at me. he is stubborn that way. ;)

such sweet eyelashes…portrait2wm_1.jpg

love his little baby ears…portrait3wm.jpg

and yes, another one of me and the boy. i’m always the one taking the photos, so its nice to have some with him for a change. shame this was sort of impromptu and i couldn’t prepare for it properly and either set the camera up somewhere else or switch lenses. an arms length self portrait with a 50mm lens is a pretty tight crop, so sorry for the uber close up. :) but Jack actually gave me a “Huggie” as i took the pic, just wish you could see more of it! love those huggies!portraitwm.jpg


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