the {joy} of love : days 17 & 18

Ok… so truthfully at this point I don’t really know what day I’m on. I’ve missed a few here and there that I just didn’t love the topic or was too busy that day, so i’m kind of picking ones I like and going from there. :) I thought I would combine these two topics into one post, because it’s kind of a before & after kind of thing: What it’s like when they are Home vs. Away. And what better to compare a before and after of, than the status of my house before & after baby boy wakes up.

So, here is my living room at 7 am on a Sunday, before Hurricane Jack wakes up:

HomeAwayWM.jpg*insert singing angel music here*

So, around 7:30 Jack wakes up, eats his breakfast, and then heads straight for the toy basket. It doesn’t take but a few minutes before almost every toy in the house is scattered everywhere.

Home1_wm.jpg Home2_WM.jpg Home3_wm.jpg(in this one above, he had to take a break from playing with his toys to dance to the intro of “Thomas the Tank Engine”, who he affectionately refers to as “Tommy”).

As a side note, i can’t WAIT to get rid of that horrible cheap disgusting carpet. We are in the process of looking into getting it replaced with laminate very soon, and i seriously CAN. NOTWAIT.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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