the {joy} of love : days 14-16

Ok. So i’m getting behind. Sue me. :) I’m going to combine three posts into one, so bear with me!

Day 14 : Wedding Ring (for valentines day)
I love the scale between their hands. Hard to believe that someday my little dude’s hand will look like that, instead of the chubby little one it is now.

Day 15 : Mirror
The topic for this day was to take a photo with my loved one in the mirror. So. Holding a squirmy baby in one hand and a giant heavy camera in another and trying to get a picture that isn’t of the door or everythign else in the room proved trickier than I anticipated. :) And the fact that baby boy was screaming “DOWN!” and trying to squirm out of my arms did not help.


Day 16 : Self Portrait Together

So this one was a little easier because all i had to do was set up the tripod and let jack push the buttons on the remote. He loved it! Anytime he can push buttons he’s a happy kid. Not sure why i never thought to do a family portrait with him this way before. I could have put a normal outfit on him, but i just LOVE the socks and diaper. ha! Its so him.



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