the {joy} of love day 10 : dreams

So the topic for today is dreams. Considering that my little man is 17 months old and I couldn’t imagine what sort of hopes and dreams he could have at this age (aside from an endless supply of cookies), I started thinking about my own dreams for my little dude. Of course the usual things came to mind… a happy, loving childhood, good in school, a caring respectful boy, college, you know… the typical wonderful things moms hope for their kids. But as he was playing in his room today while I was hanging up laundry, I looked over and saw this:


And then it hit me.

I DREAM of the day that we will be diaper free!! Jack loves his potty and knows what it’s called, and every time he talks about it I tell him what a potty is for. So far he just likes to use it as a chair, though. :) Hey. A mom can dream.

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