the {joy} of love day 5 : love to hate

Today’s topic is all about what you love to hate. Something that just drives you absolutely nuts, but your day just wouldn’t be the same without it. I had a hard time finding something that i hate (i mean, how can you hate *anything* about that sweet face??), but I could definitely think of a few things that drive me crazy. (hey. i’m human.) :) 

So. my son has this obsession with Lady Gaga. yes, you heard me correctly. my 17 month old son is obsessed with Lady Gaga. Any time he sees an iphone or a computer his little face lights up and he says “LA-EE GA GA! LA-EE GA GA!!” Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with her. I dig her music. But you guys, when it’s all your son will let you listen to in the car without pitching a fit… you get where i’m going with this. Let me walk you through how this goes…

Me: “Oh, I think i’ll check my email, let me open up the computer cabinet!”
Jack: “LA-EE GA GA! LA-EE GA GA!!”
Me: “Ok, ok. we’ll listen to some lady gaga..

ladygaga_wm_.jpg(umm….sorry you have to see the cluttered desk. this cabinet serves as a home for my computer as well as a place to pile any random crap in our house. ANYWAY…)

Much squealing and clapping ensues, followed by some pretty sweet dance moves…

(…30 minutes later…)

Me: “alright, that’s enough lady gaga for now! say bye bye gaga!”
Jack: “No wayyyy! no wayyyy!”
Me: “Yes, she has to go bye bye for now!”

 So i shut the music off, which results in lots of this:



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