the {joy} of love day 4 : what they wear

today’s Joy of Love topic is what they wear. Currently my stylish little dude is wearing…

his super cool converse one star shoes (or “SEUSSS!!” as he calls them)…


his classic rock t-shirt that is almost too small and tight, and leaves a little baby belly hanging out the bottom sometimes…


his too-big blue jeans with the diaper (or “DIIIIPEYYY!!”) hanging out the back…


his furry lined coat. (definitely wearing that one a LOT lately!)

and lastly…if you look closely in this pic, you will see a faded blue stamp on his belly above his belly button. he gets stamps every day at the sitters house, usually relating to some holiday or season. I believe this one was a snowman, once upon a time. he LOVES his stamps. he got wooden blocks for christmas, and he started pressing them into his belly because he thought they were wooden stamps like at the sitters house. :)

(sorry for the weird shadow in this photo… he was dancing pretty hard core to the Wheel of Fortune theme music (his favorite show), so i was trying to get a pretty seriously moving target. Gotta love the Wheel!)


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