the {joy} of love : day 2

Day two of my Joy of Love photo challenge. I made it past day one! yay! that’s a pretty big victory for me. :)

So today’s topic of the day is:
How They Look

My son loves to do things that he knows he’s not supposed to do. I’m sure this is typical at almost 17 months old, but i’m convinced he started his terrible twos a couple of months ago. Pushing the boundaries is one of his favorite things ever, he just loves to see what he’ll get away with. But he’s just so funny, its hard to get mad at him. Today I saw him once again playing with something he isn’t supposed to. He sneakily walks over to the computer desk and slowly reaches for the mouse….


The child can NOT resist anything that blinks or lights up or has a button on it. He knows he will get in trouble, but he just can’t help himself, try as he might. okay. well, maybe he doesn’t really try THAT hard…

The look of complete surprise and innocence on his face at the realization that he has been caught doing something naughty is just priceless. He quickly tries to put it back where he found it, hoping that maybe I didn’t see. And when I sternly say “JackSONNN…” (we use his full name when he’s in trouble… It’s seriously the whole reason I named him Jackson instead of just Jack) he looks at me wide-eyed and finishes my sentence: “What’d I say?!?” And then I have to try not to crack up. the kid is hilarious. Love that face.

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