the {joy} of love.

Well it’s february everyone, and you know what that means! The month of LOVE. I decided to participate in Kelly Willette’s photo challenge “The Joy of Love”, hoping to get my butt in gear and take some more photos! The idea is that you choose someone you love, and take photographs each day based on the prompts/themes she sends out.

The Theme for Day 1 is: What They Do.

Today is a perfect day to start this project, as I’m pretty sure everyone in our whole state has a snow day. So I grabbed my camera and followed my favorite little dude around after he woke up for the day. At 16 months its safe to say that what he does is PLAY! His most favorite thing EVER is the book Goodnight Moon (or, as he calls it “Da Moooo”). So much so that poor little Goodnight Moon has already had to undergo several rounds of glue & tape to keep him from completely falling apart. I’ve seriously read the book at least 15 times today. He also loves his toolbench…there’s lots of work to be done and lots of things to fix when you are 16 months old, you know. :)

I think this is going to be a fun month. I’m excited to document more of the everyday things that I don’t necessarily think to photograph, but I know one day i’ll be so glad I did. Enjoy.





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